The VELO Christmas Gift Guide

Tomorrow is December 1st which is the start of the Christmas month and perhaps a time to think about Christmas gifts. We at VELO thought it would be a good idea to give all you cycling enthusiasts some gift ideas that we think are pretty rad! And Yes, we may be slightly biased but these products are truly tried and tested by us.

Gift 1: Grimpeur Bros Specialty Coffee

We especially like the Team Awesome Blend but to be honest every blend is delicious and a fantastic way to start the day. Grimpeur Bros roast coffee in NY and Texas. We rather like the coffee subscriptions they offer:

Gift 2: Kitbrix Kit Bag

These Kitbrix kit bags are a must have in our opinion. The best option is having 2 Kitbrix so that you can zip them together and have very organised kit. They are perfect size for fitting in a car boot. The bag is rugged and waterproof and when 2 bags are zipped together it makes a backpack. The bag also fits perfectly in an overhead locker on an aeroplane. The perfect travel, race, everything bag! ”No fuss, just organised kit”

Gift 3: Big Bobble Hat

Look stylish and keep warm this summer. We love the Space Invader bobble hat but there are lots of cool designs to choose from. This is a UK company and the hats are designed in Scotland.

Gift 4: OTE Products

Why not treat that athlete in your life to some OTE sports products. We highly recommend the Anytime bars and Mint Chocolate recovery bars- Pretty yummy! There is a lot of choice.

Gift 5: Giro Synthe Helmet & Oakley Sunglasses

Be noticed in this awesome Fluo combo. The Giro Synthe MIPS and the Oakley Radar EV with prism lenses. We just love Fluo!

Gift 6: Pedro’s Prestige Floor Pump

This is a great floor pump that we highly recommend. We also recommend the Super Prestige floor pump. It looks pretty cool too!

Gift 7: Crank Brother Candy Pedals

These pedals are the perfect off road pedal for the MTB or CX. They are double sided and light and mud does not collect in them. And they come in many different colour options.

Gift 8: CitiBrix Backpack

This is a pretty rad backpack! It can carry your laptop and gym clothing all in one. It looks smart and is very versatile and practical. A must have for commuting or just general everyday use. We love the CitiBrix.

Gift 9: Enzo’s Buttonhole

Keep you butt happy especially in these long winter months! This is awesome Chamois cream and we think it smells like Mint Choc Chip Ice cream! Almost good enough to eat!!

Gift 10 : Red Wine

We love Apothic Red. Delicious Californian Red. Who doesn’t love a bottle of tempting red wine! Red wine is made of grapes- which is part of your 5 a day!

Gift 11 : A Cat

We love the #jamestheorangecat variety! Everyone needs cat cuddles! Science has proven that having a cat in your life will directly increase your threshold power by 7.35%.