UCI Cyclocross season officially kicked off in Rochester NY

This past weekend Jeremy Durrin headed to Rochester NY for the UCI season opener. The weekend featured a UCI C1 and C2 race. The temperature on day one factored into the racing with a lot of riders suffering from the 101 degree (38c) heat. The course was fast and group racing was the name of the game both days.

Day 1 saw Jeremy in the lead group and on the front trading pulls and putting in a solid performance. It wasn’t until about 45 minutes into the race that Jeremy had some severe issue with the heat and saw his heart rate sky rocket above 200 for a significant period of time, and he was forced to slow up and salvage the race as best he could rolling across the line in 15th after a very tough race and being caught by a big group in the last half lap.

Hydration and staying cool was the focus that evening in order to get ready for the next day, which featured the exact same course but much cooler temperatures.

“The race was extremely demanding and the heat really made it difficult today. Maybe I went out a little to hard, but I was feeling really comfortable up until the point of ‘lights out’ for me. My legs felt strong, but my heart was telling me a different story when it was pegged at about 200 for 2-3 minutes.” – Jeremy said about day 1

Day two started with a tough start from Jeremy after a rider in front of him slipped and had him unclipping early. It didn’t seem to phase him as he worked his way back from mid pack back to the lead group with about 2 to go. The lead group was about 12 riders and the pace was picking up, the field split like the finish of a road race sprint stage and Jeremy rode it in for a solid top 10, ¬†about 20 seconds down from the winner, and confirmed that the legs are there and the first race weekend cobwebs are out of the system and ready to hit it again next weekend in prep for the Vegas World cup next Wednesday.

“Im happy with my legs today. After yesterday I needed a confirmation that the legs are there. I put out consistent lap times after I had a bad start getting caught up in mid pack. My fastest lap was the last one and I was with the lead group at the beginning of the last lap. Previous efforts of moving up through the field hurt me with positioning as it played out like a road race in the end” – Jeremy said after day 2