Tour of The Reservoir – A tough mans race

This past weekend 8 riders from the team headed up north to race the hard mans race – Tour of The Reservoir. This race is notorious for its tough conditions, and this year was no different with Saturday seeing every type of weather. Rain, Sleet, Weather, and sunshine! It was a race for the tough men and a very limited field was able to finish the demanding race.

The race saw a flurry of attacks for about 2 hours before the final move was able to get some distance after a large crash in the field split the race up. The 5 riders were from all 5 UCI teams, so they shut everything else down from getting across and that was the race. Our boys rolled in after a demanding day out and were able to finish safely in the bunch with Elliot Porter giving it a go on the tough uphill finish.


Day two the team had two objectives. Get in the early breakaway, and set up one of our riders for the uphill sprint finish that would most likely suit our young snappy rider, Ollie Maxwell.

We completed both objectives with Jeremy Durrin rolling into a very strong move with all the major teams represented. He rolled strongly in the move for about half the race before most of the break got reabsorbed by the field. The race was to come down to a bunch sprint, so we had Ollie and Elliot being protected by our team to give the finish a strong go!

We had a chat with Ollie about his first Tour of The Reservoir –

Q: How did you find your Res experience?

A: The first day was awful! Freezing, all the weather conditions came out during the stage and it was really just horrible. I couldn’t feel my hand or feet and wasn’t in a good place.

Q: Getting into the top 20 must have been a tough one, seeing as your not much of a climber – how did you pull that off?

A: The second day was a very hilly day, and the team rode well all stage with J in the main leading breakaway. Legs felt good considering it wasn’t my course, but I was able to relax in the bunch since we had Jeremy up the road which allowed me to save my energy for the finishing circuits. The guys helped cover moves and keep me protected so I could give the finish a good go. And I was able to hang on to the front to sneak into the top 20.


The team came away with a couple good results, but as always we strive for better. As the young riders get their legs underneath them after these early season races, good things will definitely be coming.


Gabby Durrin had this to say about the weekend.

The guys have a lot of work to do, but we have come a long way over this weekend of racing. The teamwork is starting to get dialed in and we will see a big improvement over the coming weeks as the riders get stuck in to the biggest races in the UK. The Cicle Classic is coming up this weekend and we are bringing a strong squad that we expect to get some good results.