Round 2 of the Motor Point Spring Cup – Manx GP

This past weekend the team fielded a strong 6 rider squad that headed to the Isle Of Man for a race on the historic Isle of Man TT course. The race would circle the island 3 times for a total of 113 miles and 2500 meters of climbing.

The race was very aggressive from the start with lots of attempts of breakaways, but no teams comfortable with the groups that got off the front. After about an hour of racing, 2 riders snuck off the front which would establish the break of the day.

The first time up the climb of the day was controlled and was not too difficult for most riders, so it would come down to the next time up when the race would most likely split. And thats exactly what happened, with the 2 team Sky riders taking to the front and forcing splits over the 20+ minutes of intense climbing to the KOM.

Elliot Porter and Kieren Simcox were able to crest towards the front of the group and then battled it out over the last lap coming in together just off the back of the leaders for a very hard fought day on the bike.

Jeremy Durrin, who’s first race was the Manx GP, rolled in to the finish line with a small group after helping the team position into the base of the climbs during the race. Ollie Maxwell was able to get into one of the most threatening breaks of the day and snatch one of the sprints of the day before heading into the climb! Ollie shows a lot of maturity for such a young rider and we will definitely see him on the podium in the near future.

Tom Yiangou and Liam Yates, both in their first premier calendar races,  played their part in the opening laps working for the team and covering dangerous moves which really helped setting up the other riders for success in the race.

Race Director, Gabby Durrin, had this to say about the teams performance:

“There is obviously room for improvement, but the team worked well together and set our climbers up as best they could for a demanding KOM. We are a development team, so I am happy to see some of the guys doing well in their first Premier Calendar races and it can only get better throughout the season.

We have a strong group of riders and we are really looking forward to getting stuck into the top racing in the UK and seeing what we can do. Just racing on the Isle of Man TT course is really something, with the history and past winners who have been on the top step. The racing here was top notch and the organization did a fantastic job!”