How do we roll? Why…Tubeless of course!

The start of the 2017 season saw the team make the transition to using tubeless race wheels with Stan’s No Tubes sealant, and well…we think they are awesome and definitely worth investing in. Giant St Paul’s our sponsor introduced us to this system.

Tech- Giant SLR 1 Composite Wheel System with Giant Gavia SL tubeless tyres

Giant SLR 1 Composite Wheels

Giant Gavia SL tubeless tyres

A little about the system the team race on:

  • Tubeless tyres are based on a similar system to a car tyre, whereby an open rubber tyre sits firmly in the wheel’s rim and no inner tube is needed.
  • The shape of the tyres and the rim are designed to create a seal that holds the air in. As bicycle tyres are thinner than car tyres, sealant is used to make the system fully air tight.

The Pros from the teams perspective

  • Virtually no flats.  If the tyre is cut by glass, thorns or stones, the sealant in the tyre instantly dries around the hole, preventing air from leaking out. The tyres are especially perfect in poor weather conditions and winter where debris is frequently washed onto the road. The beauty of tubeless is you won’t even know your tyre has been compromised during the ride. For example at the UCI Rutland Cicle Classic the race navigates some serious off road terrain with many rocks and potholes- the team did not flat.
  • Better Rolling resistance-  A tubeless tyre rolls up to 12% faster than a clincher tyre according to Stan’s, a fact that is backed up in tests by Bicycling Magazine. The lower rolling resistance and shape helps the tyre to sit better on the ground. This creates added response, ensuring you get a great quality ride from the tyre.                                                                                                                      
  • Overall a fantastic set-up-  Wheel sets are now tubeless ready, including carbon wheels. The Giant SLR 1 wheel system works great for the demands of all our racing throughout the season. Tyre selection is more limited than standard clincher tyres. We recommend the Giant Gavia SL tubeless for racing.

Neon Velo Cycling Team highly recommend going tubeless!

Team mechanic- Martyn Teece Round:

”I feel confident in the wheel set up and having tubeless wheels means I have really not had any wheels changes due to punctures unless the guys have used a neutral wheel after a crash. Being prepared and confident in the equipment is key. The Giant SLR 1 wheels with tubeless tyres are a game changer!”