Q&A with David Bolland-Big Davey B

David is one of our U23 riders. He has a relentless never give up racing style and is a big team player. There is a lot more potential to come from David so watch this space!


Originally from Huyton with Roby, near Liverpool. I now live in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.


How did you get into cycling?

I first got into cycling after going to a local bike shop in Northern Lincolnshire where I live at the age of six. My dad bought my a little three speed Peugeot. Two weeks later I entered my first race. I won the race and won the league. I have raced ever since!


What is your favourite type of course?

My favourite type of course would be a Belgium style Kermesse race. I also like a windy race to spice things up! It is windy in Lincolnshire.


What is your favourite race?

Any race to be honest. Although the Lincoln Grand Prix is a favourite, all be it you’re hanging like a willow tree for the majority of it.


What is your proudest moment on the bike?

My proudest moment would be when my Nan got to watch me win three races at a track league before she passed away. It really meant a lot to me when she watched as she really helped me to get to where I am now and gave me the hunger to WIN.


What music gets you pumped up for racing and training?

My favourite music would have to be the Beastie Boys and especially Sabotage from the album ‘Check You Head’! Then it would be the intense ‘Slapped Bass Riffs’ of Billy Gould from ‘Faith No More’ and not to forget the mad man Ozzy Osborne from Black Sabbath.


Favourite Food?

I don’t have on. I eat virtually everything even a raw egg if I got dared! I do particularly have a thing for malt vinegar!


Fun Fact…that we may not know…

I once knocked a wood pigeon down mid flight playing golf in Liverpool. This was a funny moment although I didn’t get a ‘birdie’……I would like to mention that the pigeon did not die!