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Q&A with Irish star Marc Potts

Marc Potts is a quietly confident, smart racer. He spent last season living and racing in Belgium. He is also rather handy on the track and has competed for Ireland in some of the world cups. Marc is very focused and excited for the An Post Ras. He is a local favourite. Keep an eye out for him next week!

Read this little question and answer with Marc to learn a little more about him!



What is your favourite type of course?


What is your favourite race?

”An Post Ras”

What is your proudest moment on the bike?

”Probably last year finishing 5th in road Nationals in my home town. The support made it really special”

What music gets you pumped up for racing or training?Do you have a playlist? Fav Music in general?

”I have a Spotify playlist which I listen to everyday, it varies from Arctic monkeys to Duran Duran. There is no specific genre. If I like a band/song then I stick it in the playlist, keeps training fairly interesting.”

What is your favourite food?

”Pizza/pastas and more recently Thai food”

1 fun fact about yourself that we may not know…

”I have a really crap tattoo on my ankle which I did myself after a night out when I was in college. I’m open for recommendations of tattoos to cover it up….”