Q & A with Kieran Simcox

Kieran is the youngest rider on our team but has shown huge potential so far this season. He is a fantastic climber but can also handle the punchy flatter style races. He recently competed in his first UCI race- The Rutland Cicle Classic and showed that he is exceptionally capable. Kieran has a bright future and is known amongst the team as the ‘Silent Assasin’


What is your favourite type of course?

”Being quite a light rider, my favourite type of course would definitely be one with a climb in it. However I do like to think i’m also quite a punchy rider. I like a good hard race to thin out the competition! I think Lincoln GP will be a really good race for me with several ascents of the infamous Michaelgate. Saying that I also love chucking my bike round corners at stupid speeds in Crits.”

What is your favourite race?

”Manx GP would have to be my favourite race that I’ve raced in to date. With the world tour competition and the awesome 25min climb it was pretty awesome!! However my favourite race/ races to watch would be The Tour of Yorkshire as it’s on home roads and so I’m driven to ride it one day! Also I love watching Liege-Bastogne-Liege as it is so prestigious and carries so much history.”

What is your proudest moment on the bike?

”My proudest ever moment would have to be getting around my first ever club run with Dinnington RC without blowing up and getting dropped! (Around 2 years ago now) (Thanks Dave Marsh for the help). It still remains my proudest moment as its been the springboard to where I am now. I aspire to hopefully make the next step up to Continental Level in the near future.”

What music gets you pumped up for racing or training?Do you have a playlist?

”Anything that’s on the radio in the team car when I’m pinning my number on before the race!!”

What is your favourite food?

”Anyone who knows me, knows that Pizza and cheesy garlic bread are my favourite foods :)”

1 fun fact about yourself that we may not know…

”At Nursery school, I was racing round in a toy push car racing another kid, I went too fast and managed to flip the car breaking my Finger. Since then I’ve managed to build the worlds biggest hospital file!! Without doubt I am the most clumsy person on the Planet!!”