Iowa World Cup – one for the record books

The Iowa World Cup course was one similar to some of the toughest Beglian classic cross races. Similar to Overijse or the Koppenberg, this course had major elevation mixed with tight technical sections that tested everyones limits. There was mud, sand, fast grassy section – it had it all.

The start of the race was a very chaotic one with the start chute with big rutted mud sections followed by a tight run in thick off camber mud that had riders scrambling to stay upright and move forward through the group.

Durrin started in 42’nd position (about 5th or 6th row), and was able to get an OK start and running strong early on. A few mishaps including a little crash on the first lap had him slip some places and struggling to keep on the blistering pace set up the brutal climbs on the back section of the course.

“I never quite felt like I had that kick I had in Vegas. I was riding at one speed and had a hard time accelerating out of corners. It was made tougher when you get passed, mentally making it a struggle within yourself. I knew where I belonged, but for some reason I just could not put the power out.”

About midway Durrin settled into a group of about 5 riders, but was off the pace and struggling to move forward. He was able to move up a little bit through this group but ultimately he finished 42’nd, a far way down from where he is capable of finishing.

“I’m really disappointed with the race. I was feeling confident coming into the race after coming off such a strong set of races the past week. The legs just were not able to recover fully after the chaos of Vegas and all the travel. It left me without any snap, and just a diesel engine which doesn’t quite cut it at these top races against the best in the world. Now its time to reassess and recover before the next block of racing.”

Next up the team travels back to the east coast for the week before traveling to the Thompson KMC CX fest where another C1 UCI race is on tap. After that Jeremy flies back to the UK for the remainder of the season where he will be competing in the National Trophy Series and the World Cups.