End of season de-brief with the ‘silent assasin’ Kieran Simcox

Kieran Simcox is one of the young talents of the UK. The 2016 season was his first time racing in the Elite Premier calendar races as a first year U23. He has shown that he is very determined and capable of riding with the best and has a lot of talent. We are excited to see how he progresses in the 2017 season and beyond.


Tell us about your season so far:

This season has been pretty decent for me being a first year senior. Sadly no mega results but I’ve come close and finished every Premier┬ácalendar and UCI race I have started. It’s been extremely tough as the jump from the Junior ranks is so huge. Going from riding 60mile junior National series races to riding 100+mile UCI races against some of the best riders in Europe. I’ve now ended my season had a little break and am starting my preparations for 2017.


What has it been like racing your first full Prem calendar season?

At first it was quite daunting as i’d not been riding a bike very long. I was the youngest in every race and it was going into the unknown for me having never raced these sort of distances against such high domestic talent. However I finished Chorley GP and quickly realised I could get to the finish and so decided to change my approach from just finishing to trying to make a name for myself by being more aggressive and tried to get myself some TV time to both promote me but also the team sponsors.

Tell us about the RAS experience…

The RAS was simply awesome- an 8 stage UCI stage race across Ireland. I started off with hope of trying to do something in the U23 category which would have been a huge task with the likes of Eddie Dunbar competing and also the U23 Australian national team. However sadly I went down extremely heavily on the first day and lost a huge chunk of time ruining my chances of doing anything on the overall. This also meant that for the majority of the week I struggled through it being extremely sore but I did everything I could to help out the other guys on the team. And it felt great to be part of a team all working well together.


What have you learnt?

This year I have learnt most the importance of riding as a team and that with this comes results. With there only being 5 man teams in the RAS we needed to be an extremely tight knit group so that we would help each other. And with teamwork comes respect from the bigger teams in the race.

What are your strengths?

Teamwork is one strength of mine going back for bottles and so on. I also love getting myself into a breakaway and representing the teams sponsors. I am also quite light so I am quite handy on climbs!


What has been your favourite race this season?

Easily the An Post RAS.

What are your goals and ambitions for next season?

My ambitions next season are to grow as a rider and hopefully get a few top 10’s in premier calendar races.