Elliott Porters Off season/Winter training blog

This Winter I started work with Train Sharp. For a large part of August and September I wasn’t sure what I wanted from cycling anymore and what I wanted to achieve.

I took 4 full weeks off, a little longer than usual but felt it was necessary. I came back onto the bike with the usual wondering mid ride if I’ve got a flat or if my breaks are rubbing feeling!

I then got working with Jon Sharples and Elliot Lipski at Train Sharp which has given me a huge boost in motivation and seeing a new way of training.

First off was a test at the Train Sharp facility in November 2016, starting off with a lactate and V02 test on their SRM machine, I felt I performed well compared to when I last tested with them in March 2016.

Zones set, plan programmed onto Today’s Plan it was full steam from there on. Looking back at around the end of the first block I was pretty much on my knees at times with the amount of volume and intensity given. Most of December past as a blur of just getting on with the training set, feeling gradually better. It’s easy to get out and ride, even when the weather is not the best when you’re feeling motivated.

I had a very easy week during Christmas, still rode Christmas day of course! (2nd best day for a ride) Hit it hard on January 1st with a 100 mile ride out to Brighton and back (best day for a bike ride!). I went with a small group as I wasn’t sure of the way myself but absolutely loved it, going down there made the sense of freedom on a bike feel that much greater, being able to just ride to the coast and then back was really nice and gave me a lift, and shocked me how easy it was!

Coming up to mid -January I was going quite well and I planned back in mid -December with Kristina (Girlfriend)That we’ll go to Barcelona for 4 days. Mostly to take a step back as the training was pretty solid and didn’t want to be over tired come March. Even though it was 4 days away, we walked literally all over!

One of the days we walked 13 miles! Haha! Not the best rest maybe physically but mentally I loved it, so much to see and do.

Came back and after 3 days riding I was back to how I was before the break. At least this time not so tired.

Weather being so cold and at one point I saw -9 recorded on my Garmin!! This was on the way to another Brighton trip and one of my bottles froze over and I just couldn’t drink it. These were some tough days but I felt I was always getting my clothing right which is so important during the winter.

I am lucky enough not to have gotten a cold since July 2016 and I plan to keep that going, I have a strict morning and evening routine that has kept me healthy, so fingers crossed!

Now writing this I’m a couple days away from my First race of 2017 for Neon-Velo, The Perfs Pedal Classic. A race I’ve avoided for a few years although this winter I’ve been looking forward to getting back to racing my bike again. I’m lucky I’m still in a position to do so thanks to the support from Neon-Velo.

I am in a much stronger frame of mind this year compared to the last few years, I’m working on several off the bike, nothing to do with cycling projects that’s keeping me busy.

This winter has gone pretty smoothly, all that matters now is that it continues. Next races for me after the Perfs will be the Severn Bridge RR and then the Wally Gimber Trophy after our 2017 team presentation in London.

More exciting news with the team will surely be announced soon which has given me a lot to look forward to!

Hopefully I can stay healthy, keep progressing and get some decent results for myself, the team and everyone who have continued to support me.