Cross Vegas World Cup – Continued success for Durrin

Cross Vegas is done and dusted. Another demanding course was brought to the riders by the staff at CXVegas and it really tested everyone to their limits. The grass of Vegas is thick and spongy, not fast like most would think. There were 4-6 sections that were challenging and forced the riders to either ride stairs, dismount or power through a tough uphill sand section. It required complete attention throughout the whole race in order to not make mistakes.

Durrin had a 5th row call up, which normally means chaos on the first lap. He managed to move up to the top 30 within the first half lap, but a small spill on a set of stairs caused a reshuffle and was forced backwards a bit.

“In years past a problem like that would have hurt me mentally, but I have been working on persevering in tough situations and I was able to just pick myself up and keep rolling without panicking.”

Durrin rallied strong and moved up while the big hitters at the front were attacking and stringing the race out. 3 laps in and big groups started to form and Durrin found himself in the third group but was moving forward still. He was able to distance himself from a large group and move from the mid 30s to the mid 20s and fighting for his best World Cup result to date.

“I knew if I just stayed calm and relaxed and didn’t go in the red to early, it would pay off in the end. About 4 or 5 laps in guys from the front group were flying backwards as if they had an anchor tied to them, saving the energy to the end was a good call and I was able to win my group at the finish.”

In the end Jeremy was able to beat the group he was racing with and take home 28th place. This is a good sign for him as he moves into the next round of the World Cup in Iowa City. The fitness is there, its just about putting the whole race together.

“I’m feeling confident this season. My fitness is better, and I am better able to focus and relax during stressful situations in the race. I feel like I have a better handle on things this season and I’m excited to see what the next races bring.”


Up next is the Jingle Cross World Cup in Iowa City. The course features a large hill that resembles the Koppenberg CX race in Belgium, and with the rain that has fallen the past few days in Iowa its set to be a muddy one tomorrow! Make sure you tune in for live coverage and give Jeremy a cheer!