‘Changalang’ ‘Chang’ or Tom Yiangou??!! Learn a little more about him here…

Home town: Chelmsford, Essex

Thai, Indian or Italian: I love them all but it has to be Thai, mostly because they’re the king of vegetarian options.

Savoury or Sweet: Sweet all the way. Fruit is my staple!

Favourite TV show: We don’t have a TV at home, but I sometimes catch up on the good stuff on iPlayer etc. I was a huge fan of Luther and pretty upset when that finished. I’ve actually been watching Love Island recently, it’s strangely kinda gripping. (that is an extremely embarrassing confession)

Favourite movie: Zoolander

Favourite book: The Rider, by Tim Krabbe

Cats or Dogs: Cats! I have two.

Mountains or beach destinations: Beach, to get more tanning gains.

Climbs or descents: Climbs. I fear for my life descending on open roads.

Cav or Sagan: I love Sagan, but Cav is a local guy in Essex when he’s at home and he’s a really nice bloke – so I have to go with him there.

Fav race you have competed in?

Probably the 5-day European Junior Tour in Assen, Holland. It was the combination of amazingly organised and exciting point to point racing combined with some life-long memories off the bike between stages in the town of Assen and at the Wielerbaan campsite. Anyone who has done it will know how fun it is.

Fav race to watch?

It has to be the Tour De France, especially as it’s on now!

Most memorable moment on the bike?

That would have to be winning my first road race and trophy when I was a first year junior a couple years back at the Lea Valley Road Race in front of the family, and also guys that have helped me and coached me in the past. It felt good to do it with that company, instead of just my dad or my mum!

Night in or night out:

Night in. I’m a 10 hours of sleep kind of guy. Although a night out is vital every now and then.

Fav destination you have travelled to:

It’s the South of France, where half of my family live. Even though it’s not the most special sounding destination that I’ve ever travelled to, it’s always my favourite.

Where would you next like to travel to?

I would love to visit and ride in Adelaide, Australia.

A fun fact about you:

Basically everybody that knows me in the cycling community knows me as Chang, I often don’t even recognize or respond to Tom to certain people simply because some of my friends haven’t called me that for about 4 years. It all started with a mate not being able to pronounce Yiangou, so I was named Changalang, which eventually became Chang. Lucy Harper owns all copyright claims.

What is something that not everyone would know about you:

I spend my down time researching and reading up on the focus of my degree – environmental issues and climate change, as it’s something that continues to interest me more and more.

How has your transition to the ‘big boy’ races been? Your first prems?

It’s certainly been challenging and tough, but every one has been a learning curve and something to build on. I have already experienced the benefits or racing them and I really enjoy training for them as it means I can have an extra initiative for the longer, harder rides – unlike last year as a junior where the longest races were 120km. The style of them is unlike anything else – having ridden UCI level races abroad I can fully understand why the UK is notorious for having especially taxing racing!

What are your goals and aspirations?

My goal is to continue improving month by month and to take a big, meaningful victory, on home soil or abroad. You can spend so much time and exhaustive effort coming close in racing, hours and hours in training – and that all makes it so much sweeter when the hands go in the air.

What is your life moto/quote?

“If not free meal” – Lewis Bulley, 2014