Bergy’s End of Season Hurrah

We recently caught up with Will Bjergfelt- he ended his 2016 race season by competing in the World Masters Championships on the track.

Read about his experience below in his own words.

My last competition of the 2016 season and my first time racing indoors on the infamous Velodrome up in Manchester in the UCI Masters World Championships was a relative success. I have worked hard to come back from injury this year and wanted to broaden my cycling palmeres to include some track events the Individual pursuit is well suited to my strengths and with this mind it was my end of season target as a precursor to the British National Championships in January 2017. My coach (Courtney Rowe of Rowe&King Coaching) has a huge amount of experience in this field and has been driving me hard knowing the level at the Worlds would be high. I have been doing double day training sessions on the track and road for the past eight weeks with this in mind seeing weekly improvements. I felt ultra-relaxed and chilled out about his event as I had set my PB’s in training in the final week running into the event and going on previous year’s competition expected to be medal competitive.


Upon arrival Friend and helper for the day Tristian Robbins and I unloaded the car and transferred all my equipment to track centre. It’s amazing how much you need to carry for a sub four minute effort, road bike, rollers, track bike, track pack, tool kit, and spare riding kit, chairs etc. Qualification would be the first objective of the day and being that my qualification time was later I was able to see many of my fellow competitors set their best efforts and times early on knowing what I would need to do in my effort. One of the early riders to set the standard was Secret Training’s Si Wilson who set a blistering time of 3.25.285 the next fastest time set was by a South African rider Gert Fouche a 3.24.670! Wow, I now had to ride ultra-fast if I wanted to ride for a medal in the evening and was up against the current British National Champion Scott Burns. I started a touch on the slow side being my first time jumping out of a real start gate and my first time riding with batons around the cote d azur (bottom of the track) these little things affected me more than id hoped they would, I rode consistently though and was quick enough to win my heat and post a time of 3.33.389 for the 3km TT effort. Last riders up in qualification were also expected to ride fast Nicholas English podium’d in the Masters Worlds last year in this event and Alistair Rutherford has a whole heap of track pedigree suggesting he would be quick. Ali won his heat in a time of 3.29.483 with Nic posting a 3.34.159 meaning I was into the finals and ride for a bronze medal later in the evening.


We had a long wait as the finals wouldn’t start until late in the evening this gave me time to mull over how I could maybe find around 4 seconds in my next effort to run give Ali a run for his money. Tristian has a wealth of experience in track cycling so he took me through his thoughts and ideas on this as we had a late lunch pushing hard on the pedals whilst waiting for the gate to release me starting harder and then focusing more on Tristian pacing me would hopefully make the difference. The event arrived and having completed my second warm up of the day on my TCR Advanced SL on rollers I was ready to hit out and see if I could medal. I mounted the bike in the start gate and breathed in deeply as the timing clock counted down from 45 seconds to go as it hits 5 seconds the beeps start and its go time the extended final beep signals the gate release and a sprint from the gate for the first 175 meters to get myself up to pace before settling into my TT position I felt more at ease this time in the effort and despite still not starting as fast as I have in training I was running decent lap times of circa 16.7 seconds which if I could sustain would hit the goal 2 minutes into the effort and my body started to scream I had a poor lap of 17.8 not good a couple of quicker laps followed by another 17.8 led me into my final lap a 17.0 and as the gun fired to signify the end of the race I looked up at the big screen to see I had lost by about 1.7 seconds arghhh.  My time was a quicker 3.31.981 but Ali’s 3.30.203 had got the better of me so close.


In retrospect I am happy with my result and know there is more to come from me in this type of competition.  But for now this signifies the end of my season and start of my winter beak before I start re-building my fitness for the 2017 season where I intend to be as good as I was in the 2015 season pre accident.

Massive thanks to everyone who has helped me out this year

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