Checking in with Marc Potts

My 2016 road season ended at the Leicester kermesse. Looking back now I really was on my hands and knees! haha! I had just come back from two weeks in Belgium where I raced myself into the ground. I needed some time off the bike, and away from everything bike related.

I flew from East midlands – Dublin and a few hours later flew from Dublin – Zadar (Croatia) with my girlfriend. We spent two weeks exploring the place, lucky for me Rebecca had done her research and planned where we would be everyday so we got to see some really incredible places.

I had a two days at home and then was on a plane back out to Mallorca to begin training with the Irish track squad for the European Championships in Paris. It was a case of straight in, and back to split days on the road/Gym/Watt bike and track. All the days just merge together to be honest, we all put our heads down and go into hermit mode for weeks training. There is little to distract us training out there, we really do need a dog or something to keep us sane!

We took ourselves to a few UCI track GP’s in Barcelona/Switzerland which were great openers and made a change of scenery from the Palma arena velodrome.

I felt I was in good shape about two weeks before Euros, my power meter was telling me I was on track for a PB, but to be honest think I over did myself a couple of days before we flew to Paris (error on my part not listening to my body). Euros went OK, I didn’t PB in the Individual pursuit as I had hoped. I finished 12th in the Points race and went away from it in a really bad mindset, I knew it was a really poor showing from me and I just wanted to do it all over again. That’s bike racing.

I came home from Mallorca and took another short break in December to freshen up the body and mind. Since then I have just been chipping away working on my endurance and raising up my threshold, nothing fancy just keeping things consistent. My next big race on the road will be in April with Neon Velo, its still a good bit away so i’m not too worried about ramping up the intensity for another while just yet.

I will do a couple of Irish races in the coming weekends, then take about 10 days off between the end of Feb & start of March. I did this last year and felt it allowed me to have a bit more in the tank for later in the season for more targeted events.

I’m looking forward to another year on the road with Neon, we are seen as underdogs in the UK races and I enjoy that. The squad is looking strong for this year so hopefully everyone has been doing their homework and we can make an impact on the UK scene.

Elliott Porters Off season/Winter training blog

This Winter I started work with Train Sharp. For a large part of August and September I wasn’t sure what I wanted from cycling anymore and what I wanted to achieve.

I took 4 full weeks off, a little longer than usual but felt it was necessary. I came back onto the bike with the usual wondering mid ride if I’ve got a flat or if my breaks are rubbing feeling!

I then got working with Jon Sharples and Elliot Lipski at Train Sharp which has given me a huge boost in motivation and seeing a new way of training.

First off was a test at the Train Sharp facility in November 2016, starting off with a lactate and V02 test on their SRM machine, I felt I performed well compared to when I last tested with them in March 2016.

Zones set, plan programmed onto Today’s Plan it was full steam from there on. Looking back at around the end of the first block I was pretty much on my knees at times with the amount of volume and intensity given. Most of December past as a blur of just getting on with the training set, feeling gradually better. It’s easy to get out and ride, even when the weather is not the best when you’re feeling motivated.

I had a very easy week during Christmas, still rode Christmas day of course! (2nd best day for a ride) Hit it hard on January 1st with a 100 mile ride out to Brighton and back (best day for a bike ride!). I went with a small group as I wasn’t sure of the way myself but absolutely loved it, going down there made the sense of freedom on a bike feel that much greater, being able to just ride to the coast and then back was really nice and gave me a lift, and shocked me how easy it was!

Coming up to mid -January I was going quite well and I planned back in mid -December with Kristina (Girlfriend)That we’ll go to Barcelona for 4 days. Mostly to take a step back as the training was pretty solid and didn’t want to be over tired come March. Even though it was 4 days away, we walked literally all over!

One of the days we walked 13 miles! Haha! Not the best rest maybe physically but mentally I loved it, so much to see and do.

Came back and after 3 days riding I was back to how I was before the break. At least this time not so tired.

Weather being so cold and at one point I saw -9 recorded on my Garmin!! This was on the way to another Brighton trip and one of my bottles froze over and I just couldn’t drink it. These were some tough days but I felt I was always getting my clothing right which is so important during the winter.

I am lucky enough not to have gotten a cold since July 2016 and I plan to keep that going, I have a strict morning and evening routine that has kept me healthy, so fingers crossed!

Now writing this I’m a couple days away from my First race of 2017 for Neon-Velo, The Perfs Pedal Classic. A race I’ve avoided for a few years although this winter I’ve been looking forward to getting back to racing my bike again. I’m lucky I’m still in a position to do so thanks to the support from Neon-Velo.

I am in a much stronger frame of mind this year compared to the last few years, I’m working on several off the bike, nothing to do with cycling projects that’s keeping me busy.

This winter has gone pretty smoothly, all that matters now is that it continues. Next races for me after the Perfs will be the Severn Bridge RR and then the Wally Gimber Trophy after our 2017 team presentation in London.

More exciting news with the team will surely be announced soon which has given me a lot to look forward to!

Hopefully I can stay healthy, keep progressing and get some decent results for myself, the team and everyone who have continued to support me.

Accepting applications for team mechanic 2017

We are now accepting applications for a team mechanic.

We are very sad to see our mechanic Alex go due to Navy commitments.

We require a mechanic to work the whole road season.

Please send applications to:

Winning ways & World Cup representation

A successful weekend was had by our 2 cyclocross riders- master rider Rob Purcell was representing in the UK at the final round of the Eastern League while Jeremy Durrin was racing the final round of the UCI world cup series in Hoogerheide, NL.

Rob rounded out his season in style taking the WIN in the final round of the Eastern league and also winning the overall series. Rob has had a successful season with many wins and has also been competing in the national trophy series.

Congrats Rob.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands Jeremy Durrin competed in the final round of the world cup series.

Here is what he had to say:

”Super fast racing yesterday at the Hoogerheide World Cup.

I had a great start from the 5th row, and moved up to the low 30’s. But the speed also lead to some crashing. And I went down at the end of lap two which had me chasing to get back to the second group.

But I settled into a group with some fellow Americans and raced a consistent race. Not happy with my placing, 49th but I am now looking forward to more next weekend at World Championships in Luxembourg.”


Jeremy Durrin named to USA Worlds Team after a successful cyclocross season

American cyclocross star Jeremy Durrin has been selected to represent the USA in the Cyclocross World Championships on 29th January in Bieles, Luxembourg.

Jeremy will race the Hoogerheide World Cup in the Netherlands the weekend prior.

After a successful and consistent cyclocross season Jeremy is very excited to finish it off representing his country on the biggest stage.

A BIG Thank You to all the teams sponsors for all your support and belief in VELO.

Thank You and Appreciation to:

Giant St Pauls


Giant Bikes


Crank Brothers







Grimpeur Brother Specialty Coffee

Big Bobble Hats

Jeremy Durrin heading into the USA Cyclocross National Championships

The USA National CX Champs in Hartford, CT are tomorrow!!!

Jeremy has had a successful consistent season. He has accumulated 5 UCI podiums, 2 UCI wins and competed in 2 World Cups. He is currently ranked 61st in the UCI World rankings and is 8th ranked elite US male.

Jeremy has spent his cyclocross season US based. His biggest focus is now the National Championships, which are only 1 hour from his Westhampton home in Massachusetts. It will feel very much like a home nationals. Jeremy’s family and friends will all be there to show support and cheer him on.

Sunday is race day- the elite men race at 3pm. There will be a live stream of the race on the USA Cycling YouTube channel.

We at VELO wish Jeremy all the Good Luck, Fast Legs with smooth and consistent laps. Go get it Jeremy.

Quick chat with Jeremy after his Pre-ride today heading into tomorrows champs.

– How was the course today?

SNOW & ICE!! Kind of gnarly! Very technical and difficult. The course will change lap to lap and make for some real interesting racing.

-What are your hopes for tomorrows race?

I have a front row start so I would like to take advantage of that and put  myself in a position to make the lead group early on as the lead group will probably split up pretty quickly. If I can get a top 5 I will be exceedingly happy. It will all come down to riding the cleanest race you can.

– How has your prep been coming into the the US Nationals?

Being able to stay at home in Massachusetts and prepare has been great mentally and training on my home roads just makes everything easier. Training has been able to go smoothly in the weeks leading up and low stress. I’m excited to have a National Championships just 50 mins from my home. Usually I have to fly to the champs!


A cyclocross Kit bag

Kitbrix is one of our awesome sponsors. We recently took a look inside Jeremy Durrin’s cyclocross Kitbrix bag.

Photo Gallery from NBX UCI Cyclocross

Some awesome photos from Meg Mcmahon from NBX CX UCI race in Warwick, RI- USA where Jeremy Durrin took 2nd behind an on fire Curtis White of Cannondale Cyclocross World.

The VELO Christmas Gift Guide

Tomorrow is December 1st which is the start of the Christmas month and perhaps a time to think about Christmas gifts. We at VELO thought it would be a good idea to give all you cycling enthusiasts some gift ideas that we think are pretty rad! And Yes, we may be slightly biased but these products are truly tried and tested by us.

Gift 1: Grimpeur Bros Specialty Coffee

We especially like the Team Awesome Blend but to be honest every blend is delicious and a fantastic way to start the day. Grimpeur Bros roast coffee in NY and Texas. We rather like the coffee subscriptions they offer:

Gift 2: Kitbrix Kit Bag

These Kitbrix kit bags are a must have in our opinion. The best option is having 2 Kitbrix so that you can zip them together and have very organised kit. They are perfect size for fitting in a car boot. The bag is rugged and waterproof and when 2 bags are zipped together it makes a backpack. The bag also fits perfectly in an overhead locker on an aeroplane. The perfect travel, race, everything bag! ”No fuss, just organised kit”

Gift 3: Big Bobble Hat

Look stylish and keep warm this summer. We love the Space Invader bobble hat but there are lots of cool designs to choose from. This is a UK company and the hats are designed in Scotland.

Gift 4: OTE Products

Why not treat that athlete in your life to some OTE sports products. We highly recommend the Anytime bars and Mint Chocolate recovery bars- Pretty yummy! There is a lot of choice.

Gift 5: Giro Synthe Helmet & Oakley Sunglasses

Be noticed in this awesome Fluo combo. The Giro Synthe MIPS and the Oakley Radar EV with prism lenses. We just love Fluo!

Gift 6: Pedro’s Prestige Floor Pump

This is a great floor pump that we highly recommend. We also recommend the Super Prestige floor pump. It looks pretty cool too!

Gift 7: Crank Brother Candy Pedals

These pedals are the perfect off road pedal for the MTB or CX. They are double sided and light and mud does not collect in them. And they come in many different colour options.

Gift 8: CitiBrix Backpack

This is a pretty rad backpack! It can carry your laptop and gym clothing all in one. It looks smart and is very versatile and practical. A must have for commuting or just general everyday use. We love the CitiBrix.

Gift 9: Enzo’s Buttonhole

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Gift 10 : Red Wine

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Gift 11 : A Cat

We love the #jamestheorangecat variety! Everyone needs cat cuddles! Science has proven that having a cat in your life will directly increase your threshold power by 7.35%.

Podium for Durrin at his home race in Massachusetts

It was a successful weekend in Massachusetts for Jeremy Durrin as he raced to the podium taking 3rd in a sprint finish.

This is Jeremy’s 5th UCI podium of the season and it was great for him to be on the podium in front of his family and friends.

Jeremy had this to say:

”I am very happy to finish up the weekend with a 3rd spot. It was a great weekend of racing and it is always special racing in my home state with all my family and friends supporting me. The race was very fast and tactical in places but I felt in control and confident of making that podium! I have had a tough week leading up to this race so was worried that my legs would not perform but they came through. I had a lot of fun racing this weekend and it was very refreshing- it made me realise why I race.”