VELO Vlog- Stockton GP

Alex Duffill captured perfectly what it is like to be with the team on race weekends.



Marc finds the ‘Potts’ of Gold at the end of the rainbow! And…Davey B storms to victory to take the National Stripes!

What an exciting week for VELO!

3 National Titles in the space of a few weeks.

First up it was Will Bjergfelt who took the Para TT Champs Gold in serious style winning by over 4 minutes!

Marc Potts took the Irish National Crit Champs title in commanding style to become Champion of Ireland. Even the rainbow made an appearance as he crossed the finish line. Spectacular!

Not to be out done- David Bolland won the 8 km Grass track title. This is Dave’s first National jersey so he is ecstatic!

A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors for their continued support- without you guys all of this would not be possible!

Giant St Pauls, H2, Verge Sport, OTE Sports, Kitbrix, Enzos


Will Bjergfelt named to GB Para Worlds Team

Very proud to announce that Will Bjergfelt has been named to the GB Para Worlds Cycling Team.

The championship will take place 31st August – 3rd September in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Will has worked incredibly hard for this opportunity. It just shows that hard work does pay off. Will earned himself a bronze medal at the recent Para World Cup in Germany and showed just how capable he is of a strong performance at Worlds.

Will is now dreaming of the rainbow. Lets hope this dream becomes a reality- no matter what this is sure to be an amazing experience for him.

Good Luck Will.


Top Tips to prep for Summer events & Ride London by our elite athletes

We asked a few of our athletes to provide some of their top tips for event preparation. With Ride London coming up in a few weeks we thought these may help fine tune the prep!

Jeremy Durrin:

Training for an event can give you lots of motivation to get to your peak level of fitness.

The number one tip I can give is to set attainable goals that will help you get to your final destination. Things that I find work are to lay out a week by week schedule with mini goals like – Week 1 – healthy eating (focusing on getting most nutrition out of your meals).

Week 2 -focus on the recovery aspect of training as detailed as possible. Feet up whenever you can, protein shakes, lean healthy food, etc.

Week 3 – Cut alcohol, or caffeine, or sweets, etc. I find that cutting something out of your normal diet not only makes you healthier, but switches something in the brain to help really focus your mind on the end goal. If you are making small sacrifices, your mind will focus and allow your body to get the most out of training.

On top of goal setting is just having fun with the training and enjoy the process. You can easily get lost in the grand process of getting fit. Remember to look back on how far you have come and don’t get caught up in the small stuff.


Elliott Porter:

From personal experience, make sure on the day the products or food you are going to eat mid ride is something you’ve trained with and your body is OK digesting.

Don’t set off too hard too early. Hide and wait as long as possible to save your legs closer to the end. Much better for moral to finish strongly then be hanging on your last legs in the final 20 km!

Drink and eat little and often, it can be hard to remember and before you realise it’s too late. So if you have a bike computer like a Garmin for example, you can set a 20 min buzzer to remind you to have a drink or small bite of a bar.


David Bolland:

Always make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable on the bike. There’s nothing worse than something bugging you on the bike, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Try not to do last minute mechanics, as you can do more harm than good and you never really enjoy the ride if you’re stressed over something if it isn’t right.

Train for what you’re going to be doing, so if you’re doing a 45 mile ride, don’t do 200 mile slogs.

Last but not least, enjoy it! It’s what it’s about!


Mike Cuming:

Always take food/spare money with you. If you find yourself without food when your body needs it can be a bad sensation and finishing the ride can be a struggle.

Take an extra vest/arm warmers/ rain cape in your back pocket if the weather can’t make its mind up. If it suddenly rains and the temperature drops it can make you feel horrible. Always be prepared.

If your short of time because of other commitments it doesn’t mean you can’t get fit. Focus more on intense sessions and specific training. You’ll be surprised that you can keep up with people doing 100’s of miles a week.



Davey B’s season so far in a paragraph…!

My season so far has been a success, with wins on the track and road. Currently I am leading the local track league and two road race series.

Riding all the elite national road series has really benefited me in terms of getting stronger, and becoming more tactically aware to different race situations.

I definitely believe that spending the winter in the gym on the weights has paid off, also getting behind my dad’s motorbike doing some speed training has really helped.

I’m excited for the rest of the season with my flying form, and looking forward to getting stuck in at my next race in Stockton on tees with my team mates. We have a lot to look forward to with Elliot putting a stellar ride in at the Tour of the Reservoir and moving the team to 6th on the overall standings.

My Giant St Paul’s TCR Advanced Pro 1 team bike has really allowed me to push my limits and I feel very confident in my races. I love this bike!



Tour of the Res

A successful weekend for the team at the Tour of the Res.
2 days of savage racing actually brought out the best in the team.
Day 1 saw the guys working hard to get in the breakaway and to help launch Elliott up the road. Elliott Porter finished 14th putting him in good stead for a top 10 GC.
Sunday was all to play for and it was the aim to just go out there and race hard and to not miss the first breakaway of the day. All the guys were mixing it up all day and sharing the work load. Elliott rode fantastically to get himself into the main breakaway of the day. For a few laps he was the virtual race leader!
One Pro took control of the bunch and a select group came across to the breakaway. Elliott held tight and was able to pull of another top 15 on stage 2 which placed him 10th on GC.

With great team work, believing and not giving in the team placed 6th on the team series standings.

We are excited for the next few races in the series. More to come!

Full photo gallery to follow by the talented Alex Duffill

British National Road Championships- Isle of Man

The British Champs was always going to be a savage race. Not only because it was held on the infamous Isle of Man TT circuit which features Snaefell a 20 minute climb, which once the riders crest the top they are faced with a very fast decent with a few corners that the strong winds just whip through.

The other factor being the exceedingly strong field of competitors. Featuring some of the top UK pro tour guys.

The race sure did not disappoint in the savage department! Only 12 riders finished the race with only Ian Bibby of JLT hanging with the pro tour guys and taking a fantastic 3rd place. Impressive stuff.

Our guys Mike and Elliott put in some strong riding and finished in the diminished remaining peleton. Certainly a tough day out.

Big Thanks to our continued support from all our sponsors. Giant St Pauls, H2, Verge Sports, OTE Sports, Enzos, Kitbrix, Oakley


Beaumont Trophy- a photo diary by Alex Duffill

Sunday saw the team race the UCI 1.2 Beaumont Trophy in Northumberland. The temperatures hit 30 degrees and it was definitely a day to survive druing the 185.6 km’s! A disappointing day out for the team but we now have focus on National Champs & Tour of the Res.