6 days in Italy for Marc Potts

Marc has just come back from racing in Italy. The 6 days of  Fiorenzuola (6 giorni delle rose – in Italian).

Here is what Marc had to say about his trip:

”There were 20 Teams in total comprising of two riders each. The racing started around 8.30pm each night continuing until around midnight. The track was lit up by huge flood lights and the stands were stacked full of cycling fans, making the whole experience really enjoyable. There were thousands of people there watching it and they think the riders are all rock-stars asking for autographs and photos in the pits.
The aim going there was for myself and Felix to get some experience in the Madison event as we haven’t raced it before together. One of the events each night was a madison so we got plenty of experience out of the week and also gathered some UCI points that will hopefully contribute to qualify Ireland a madison spot in the World Championships next year.
We had a number of top 5 finishes over the six days and in the end finished up 9th overall against an incredibly strong field. The guys we were racing against have World Championship medals to their names and are going to Rio in less than two weeks to start their Olympic campaigns.
I’ve done a lot of different types of bike races in my time coming from a downhill mountain bike background, through road and now dabbling in the track side of things; I have to say that I rank the 6 days of Fiorenzuola right up there as one of the most enjoyable and memorable events to date. I’m already looking forward to going back again next year.”

Nice riding Marc!