Spotlight on Verge Sport

We are lucky to have the support of Verge Sport this year with continued support for Jeremy in the Cyclocross season.

The new cyclocross range is fantastic and provides a wide variety of kit for all weathers.

Jeremy started his CX season in the USA with the first 2 world cups and a bunch of UCI C1 & C2 races. The temperatures have been extreme and the heat has played a major factor in the races.

Verge supplied Jeremy with some great technical pieces of clothing.

We thought we would spotlight some of the pieces Jeremy has raced in so far:

  • Definitive Cross Suit SS– a cross specific garment with all the features you would expect. Features include a full opening front zipper, CX specific chamois to provide just enough support without getting in the way during remounts and running. The fabric is SPF 50 which has been a big plus in the hot temperatures in the USA.

  • Carrera Strike+ Speedsuit with Escape fabric– aerodynamic benefits with the comfort of a shorts and jersey combo. A one piece that has a fully separating front zipper for maximum moisture and ventilation control. The suit features mesh-tech side panels promoting breathability. The suit fabric is exceptionally lightweight so has been a perfect kit choice for the HOT HOT World Cups.

Why VELO recommend Verge? The Benefits:

  • A brand that has been inspired and #bornfromathletes
  • Huge range of sport specific collections like the Cyclocross line.
  • Not just for the guys. Verge also offers women’s specific
  • No minimum order
  • Competitive prices
  • Average of a 3 week turnaround

Iowa World Cup Cyclocross no.1

Alex Duffill magic

Iowa UCI C1 with Alex Duffill

Checking in with Marc Potts…

Astana, Belgium and Now


I was fortunate enough to get an invite to Astana, Kazakstan after my success at the Irish criterium national championships. We have a great support network in Neon Velo and wintin a few days my National champ skin suit was designed, manufactured and shipped to me in France before I stepped on the plane to Astana. The folks at Verge sports were fantastic and John Dempsey was instrumental in pulling off the speedy turn around on the suit. If you, or your club is looking for top quality custom clothing then give them a shout!

The criterium was a cool experience. I was lined up besides the likes of Chris Froome, who I had watched in the weeks previous winning the Tour de France he seemed like a really nice guy and I enjoyed chasing him around for an hour.

The race itself was 60 minutes long and included a number of intermediate sprints, my plan going in was to keep the powder dry and counter one of the intermediate sprints, brining a small group away. It went to plan and we had a small gap which for a while looked like it was going to stick…it didn’t and the field was back together for a field sprint in which I finished 17th.


With the racing coming to an end in the UK I took myself to Belgium to extend the season a little longer. I did seven races in 9 days split in to 2 small blocks shown below:

15th August РTielt РWinge  Р4th

16th August- Grembergen- 2nd

17th August- Evergem- 3rd

18th August- Wassmunster- 2nd

19th August- OFF

20th August- OFF

21st August- Mere- 4th

22nd August- Evergem- 9th

23rd August- Ruselede- 4th

I was happy with my condition there, the consistency of my results proved that I had developed proper depth over the past few years. I love racing in Belgium and I’m looking forward to going back again next year for more of the same.


I took a short break after Belgium giving myself some time off the bike to recover physically and mentally.

I am now in Mallorca with the Irish track team preparing for the up and coming European Championships and World Cups in the next 6-8 weeks.