Lincoln GP 2017- Photo Diary

Photos by the awesome Paul Wright

Lincoln- a classic race and always EPIC! We came away with 18th from Mike Cuming.

An Post Ras team roster announced

On Sunday the team will be starting the prestigious 8 day stage race in Ireland. The An Post Ras.

We are excited to announce our 5 man squad for the race.


Mike Cuming

Jeremy Durrin- USA

Marc Potts- IRL

Elliott Porter

Will Bjergfelt


Director Sportif/Team Manager- Gabby Durrin

Mechanic- Martyn Teece Round

Soigneur- Paul Sinnott

Soigneur- Caolem McCarter

Photographer/Videographer- Alex Duffill



We have a strong team this year and feel that the 5 riders we have selected will work well together and produce some great results.

Our team goals will focus on a 2 pronged attack. Stage wins and vying for overall GC contention.



Team manager Gabby Durrin had this to say-

”I believe I have selected a strong core group of riders for the Ras. This is a very tough stage race, 8 days of epic racing. I selected the team based on the course this year. The race features many more hillier stages and so we needed a team capable of climbing with the best guys. I also wanted to have a group of guys with a good mix of experience. This year I am taking a team that are all Ras veterans! I believe this team will allow us to be multi dimensional in our approach to the race. Each riders has a wealth of experience when it comes to stage racing and in particular the Ras. Our team goals will be to be a GC contender-to be up there in the finish sprints and hopefully standing on the podium! We will be wanting to show a strong team presence so will be aiming to be in the main breakaways of the day. We may be a smaller elite team but we are sure coming to this race with much courage, big hearts and all guns a-blazing! Be prepared to be amazed!!!!”


Here is a little more about the 5 riders selected:

Jeremy Durrin

Jeremy is a breakaway specialist and has raced the RAS last 2 years. He can often be found off the front in the breakaway of the day. He is a smart rider with good experience in stage racing. He is from the USA and previously raced for the professional team Optum Pro Cycling (now Rally Pro Cycling) He has played a big support role to his team leaders in the UCI stage race the Tour of Utah and the Tour of Korea where the team won stages. He is also a cyclo cross specialist and competed for Team USA in the World Championships in February.

Marc Potts

Marc Potts is our Irish rider. He is a RAS veteran! Marc is a strong rider and during the winter season did a world cup track campaign with Team Ireland. Marc is on some great form and will be coming into the Ras fully focused and motivated. Last week he won the prestigious Shey Elliott Memorial road race, so he is brimming with confidence. Marc will be looking to put in some strong performances on home soil and make some winning moves!

Elliott Porter

Elliott is a very strong rider and is very much suited to races with plenty of climbing. He has raced the Ras before and will be a great GC contender for the team. Elliott wore the KOM jersey in the UCI Tour of Korea in 2014. This years Ras course features many more mountain climb stages which will play well to Elliott’s strengths. Keep an eye out for him dancing on the pedals up the Irish climbs!

Mike Cuming

Mike is a very experienced and talented rider. He has previously won the National U23 road championships, he was a stage winner in the Tour of Korea, overall GC winner in the Tour of Korea, took stage in the Mzansi Tour, and has podium’d in Premiere calendars. Mike is a strong climber and will be looking to put in some particularly strong performances on stages 4 and 6. Mike is also a great GC contender. Keep your eyes on him!

Will Bjergfelt

Will is a veteran racer and has put in some big performances in the past. He is a tough racer and when the conditions get rough Will can show what he is made of! Will has a wealth of experience and has been one of the top elite riders in the UK. He is coming back after a very nasty cycling accident a near tragic accident. He had to take a lot of time away to recover- he is more determined than ever to be the best!

Mechanic Monday- Martyn Teece Round

Meet our new team mechanic Martyn Teece Round. We are excited to have him on board for 2017 and beyond.

How long have you been a bicycle mechanic for?

”I started as a Saturday boy at the age of 15 in my LBS, so in total 25 (cough) years. I’ve worked for KTM and Easton Ritte, at European races and Prems”

What made you decide to get involved in the cycling world?

”I’ve been passionate about cycling since watching my hero Miguel Indurain winning the TDF in the 80’s. I competed in MTB racing as a youth and as a Time Trialler up until this year. My speciality was long distance, especially 12 hour.”

What is your most memorable experience as a team mechanic so far?

”Supporting KTM at the Smilde Olypia Tour (2.2) in Holland. Great race. Really hard work, but enjoyable helping the boys to their results.”

How do you keep cool in stressful race situations?!!

”I’m pretty chilled out anyway, and calm under pressure. When things get hectic, I’m the one in control.”

What race are you most looking forward to working at?

”Without a doubt, the RAS. I’ve heard a lot about it from the riders and members of the team and can’t wait. Plus the race goes through the area my wife’s family are from, in Donegal, so I’m excited about that!”

What is your favourite tool in the Pedro’s master tool kit?

 ”It’s got to be Allen keys!”

What is your favourite music?

 ”Oh no !! Do I have to be honest ?  Don’t judge me !! Break beat and Drum and Bass”

What is your favourite food and drink?

 ”I’m partial to a nice G&T and as for food… Pretty much anything Italian.”

Tell us one fun fact about yourself that we may not know…

”I’m pretty fluent in British Sign Language. My mother-in-law is deaf, so it was either learn, or never speak to her (bring on the mother in law jokes)”

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