Podium for Durrin at his home race in Massachusetts

It was a successful weekend in Massachusetts for Jeremy Durrin as he raced to the podium taking 3rd in a sprint finish.

This is Jeremy’s 5th UCI podium of the season and it was great for him to be on the podium in front of his family and friends.

Jeremy had this to say:

”I am very happy to finish up the weekend with a 3rd spot. It was a great weekend of racing and it is always special racing in my home state with all my family and friends supporting me. The race was very fast and tactical in places but I felt in control and confident of making that podium! I have had a tough week leading up to this race so was worried that my legs would not perform but they came through. I had a lot of fun racing this weekend and it was very refreshing- it made me realise why I race.”



How to survive winter training

The winter months are upon us and the temperatures are dropping. But you still need to get out there and get the hours in. Here are our VELO top tips for surviving this winter:

  • Dress for the occasion– dress properly. It is very wise to invest in some good gloves and overshoes. Heat is lost rapidly through the extremities of the body and when you lose heat in your feet or hands it can quickly become unbearable. Neoprene gloves and overshoes are great, not only are they waterproof but are warm. But the best type of glove would be a mix of gore-tex which is windproof and waterproof. Most of your heat actually escapes through your head so wearing some form of balaclava/thermal cap under your helmet will certainly help keep you toasty! Layer up- where warm breathable technical base layers under your winter jackets. This will keep you core warm.

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  • Ride with friends– If you are doing long base miles which means plenty of hours on the bike. No body wants to be lonely! Riding with a group makes the hours go by quicker, keeps the average pace up, you can rotate the front so that you are not constantly battling into the cold wind and chat!

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  • Eat Right– It is important to fuel the body properly. When it cold the body works harder to keep warm and under the layers of clothing you do sweat. Hydration is still just as important in the winter months. A good drink mix with carbs and some electrolytes is best. We recommend OTE ph neutral energy mix. Carrying enough food for your ride is also important too. Bars like OTE anytime are great because they have the right amount of carbs to see you through and are made of oats which a great fuel and can help the body stay warmer. OTE duo bars are also an excellent choice- they come in 2 manageable parts.

OTE fueled the Velo team

  • Go Wide– And we are talking TYRES here! Get yourself some 25’s or wider! Riding around the lanes on 23’s in the bad weather is not the smartest decision! Get some good tough puncture resistant ones.
  • Protect your butt!– Invest in some mudguards. Not only a must for group rides but if you are out on your own they will keep your butt dry and the front of your legs and feet dry, preventing all the spray. Not getting wet will help keep you warmer. Turning up to a group ride with no mud guards in the wet weather could make you rather unpopular in the group. You may have to continuously ride on the back!!
  • Be seen– Our advise would be to go bright! Fit some mini LED lights to your bike and wear some fluo colours. It is better to be visible especially on those dull gloomy days.

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  • Maintenance– Be sure to maintain your bike. Having a smooth running bike is key. The winter months can be very rough on your equipment so take care of it and make sure you clean your bike regularly and lube and grease moving parts. The salted roads can rust equipment rapidly. We recommend Pedro’s Enduro premium wet lube for the chain and to clean the bike- Pedro’s Pig juice degreaser and Pedro’s Green Fizz.


  • Always carry some money with you! You never know when you may need it! A quick coffee stop or an emergency piece of cake to get you through the rest of your ride.


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